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Galactic News: Kahina Loren Stripped of her Rank

14 OCT 3302

Kahina Tijani Loren has been stripped of the rank of senator for delegating her responsibilities in respect of the Prism system to Ambassador Cuthrick Delaney in 3301.

An aide for Admiral Denton Patreus said: "Loren gave up her senatorial responsibilities, so it's unreasonable that she continue to be protected by the title. Frankly, she shouldn't be described as a 'lady', either, but we will let the courts make that determination."

This means Loren will now be tried based on the laws of her nominated home system, which is of course the Prism system. Loren has been moved from Achenar and is presumed to be en route to Prism, under guard.

While Prism remains under the supervision of Ambassador Cuthrick Delaney, it is heavily exploited by Admiral Patreus. Patreus's aide said: "Those without a proper appreciation of due process might believe there is a conflict of interest, given Admiral Patreus's influence in Prism, but we can ensure the galactic community that Imperial law will be followed to the letter."

Galactic News: Location of Colonia Outposts Announced

14 OCT 3302

Latugara PLC, which recently launched a successful campaign to establish a series of outposts between the Colonia Nebula and the core systems, has announced where the new outposts will be built. The name of each outpost has also been revealed.

The complete list is as follows:

Hillary Depot – Blu Thua AI-A c14-10, planet A 4 A

Amundsen Terminal – Lagoon Sector NI-S b4-10, planet 1

Eagle's Landing – Eagle Sector IR-W d1-117, planet 2 A

Sacaqawea Space Port – Skaudai CH-B d14-34, planet 1 A

Gagarin Gate – Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31, planet 4

Polo Harbour – Boewnst KS-S c20-959, planet A 2 A

Construction is expected to begin within the next few weeks.

Freelance Report: The Cassiopeia Expedition

14 OCT 3302

The Earth Expeditionary Fleet has announced plans to mount a bold expedition beyond the Perseus Arm to find two stellar objects in the Cassiopeia constellation first noted by Earth astronomers in the distant past.

"The Cassiopeia Project differs from other expeditions," said Commander Finn McMillan. "We will attempt to locate two supernova remnants, which have yet to be found despite numerous attempts from independent explorers. Our targets are Cassiopeia A and Tycho's Star."

"This is not space tourism. The expedition to Cassiopeia A will take us into an area of space referred to as the Formidine Rift, which before the advent of the frame shift drive had a reputation as a kind of Bermuda Triangle. Few who venture into the Rift return to tell the tale."

The expedition is expected to depart from Chi Orionis in the first week of November 3302.


Galactic News: Weekly Conflict Report

14 OCT 3302

This report presents the latest data on conflict among the galaxy's minor factions.

Here are the latest factions to experience a civil war:

Traditional Chamunda Nationalists

Vesuvit Patron's Principles

Brotherhood of Kremata

Murungh Blue Comms Industry

Regulatory State of HIP 81237

HIP 81237 Network

League of Liu Xingga Order

V1084 Tauri Nationals

HIP 40170 Partnership

Law Party of Bunuvivia

Civil wars occur when minor factions compete for control of major assets such as starports. When a faction is involved in a civil war, the standard of living, development level and security level in the system it controls are temporarily reduced. Combat activities can bring a civil war to an end.

Here are the latest factions to experience war:

Confederation of Dahan

Omicron Columbae Patrons of Law

Natural Indaol Dominion

Democrats of LTT 9104

Bureau of HR 827 Constitution Party

LP 58-247 Silver State Corp

Blue Transport Co

Barons of Ongerinja

Confederation of Apalok

Balante Flag

Wars occur when a minor faction invades a star system controlled by another minor faction. For the duration of the war, the standard of living, wealth level and security level in the disputed system are reduced. Combat activity between the two warring factions determines the outcome of the conflict. If neither faction succeeds in dominating the other, the war ends in a ceasefire.