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Millions Pay Respects

08 AUG 3301

Millions Pay Respects

Millions of senators, patrons, clients, citizens and slaves from across the Empire are making the journey to the Hall of Martyrs on Capitol in the Achenar system to pay their respects to the late Emperor. The queue to view the Emperor’s body already stretches several miles from the Imperial Palace, with the waiting time now measured in days. Naturally, senators, patrons and clients each have their own entrances.

Palace officials have announced that the viewings will continue, at all hours, until the final funeral preparations begin on the eve of the funeral. Volunteers from the palace staff will aid the mourners and keep the line moving.

The Imperial Naval Infantry will also be stationed along the ever-lengthening line – not because of security concerns, but to ensure the welfare of the waiting people. The population of the city swelled beyond normal capacity during the wedding celebrations, and the influx of mourners has pushed the city to bursting point. Along with the military deployment, local residents are providing those in the queue with food and drink.

Those unable to make the journey to Capitol have created memorials in their own cities, starports and colonies, and are assembling to give their respects.

GalNet Weekly Expansion List

08 AUG 3301

GalNet Weekly Expansion List

Each week, GalNat presents a list of 10 of the 1,642 minor factions currently expanding into new systems (*).

HIP 73293 Guardians of Tradition

Yembo Interstellar

Tapones Corp.

Jimai Noblement

New Hun Cruacoc Labour

Workers of Wintii Confederacy

Fu Haras Patrons of Law

Paemani Monarchy

Kupoli Fortune Limited

United Wang Dana Free

Expansion occurs when a minor faction reaches a sufficient influence rating and there is a populated system within striking distance. The act of expansion is a costly one, and the wealth and development rating suffers during the period of expansion.

* Data is correct at time of publishing.