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Covert Organisation Discovered

05 MAY 3304

The Imperial Internal Security Service has discovered that the murderer of Senator Nestor Cartesius was acting on behalf of a secret organisation.

Captain Niamh Seutonia, leading the IISS investigation into Cartesius’s death, made this statement:

“We had determined Senator Cartesius was killed by a nerve toxin, and that whoever administered it was trained in circumventing security. Our leads pointed to an ex-member of the Imperial Guard now operating as a freelance assassin. We tracked her to her hideout, where she resisted arrest. Unfortunately, in the subsequent exchange of gunfire, we had no choice but to eliminate the assassin.”

“Examination of the killer’s communication equipment confirmed that she was hired to kill Cartesius and deliver the ‘For Jameson’ message. Her employers identified themselves as the League of Reparation. It seems that the motive was indeed revenge – the League’s avowed goal is to secure ‘justice for the victims of the INRA’s crimes’.”

“We are now widening our investigation and establishing a taskforce. The IISS will uncover this organisation and eradicate it before it can commit further atrocities.”

When asked if anyone connected to the INRA might be at risk, Captain Seutonia replied:

“That is a distinct possibility. If the League of Reparation is targeting the descendants of those involved in the INRA’s activities, there are potentially thousands who may be targeted, and not just in the Empire. To that end I have already made contact with my counterparts in the Federation and the Alliance, and invited them to work with our taskforce.”