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Aegis Leak Confirms Vanishing Populations

01 SEP 3309

A private discussion among Aegis leadership regarding mass Thargoid abductions has been made public.

Recordings of Professor Alba Tesreau, Aden Tanner and Seo Jin-ae were sent to and published by all newsfeeds, including the Pilots’ Federation. File data shows that their conversation took place shortly before Professor Tesreau’s statement to the media on July 18th, in Alba Tesreau’s office at Aegis headquarters in Duamta.

After a brief period of speculation, Seo Jin-ae herself confirmed that she released the logs. Seo indicated that rumours circulating on ‘alternative ICE channels’ of Aegis withholding information from the public were false, and that Tesreau intended to announce evidence of human abductions even before the Dedicant tragedy brought the news to prominence.

Ernesto Rios analysed the new information in an article for Vox Galactica:

“Leaks of classified information are nothing new, but it is rare that they support rather than damage the target organisation. According to these recordings, the topic of millions of people missing from Thargoid-invaded systems was carefully considered prior to Aegis informing the public.”

“A significant revelation relates to the visions experienced by Seo Jin-ae. She tells Tesreau and Tanner: ‘An image keeps repeating… Rows and rows of what I thought were eggs.’ But then clarifies: ‘They’re pods. Containers for humans.’ Seo claims that abducted people are being kept alive aboard the Titan motherships. The reason remains unknown, though Seo insists the abductees are ‘important to the next phase of the Thargoid invasion.’”

“Tanner then queries that Aegis might develop a way to recover these pods. We have yet to see confirmation that Aegis is investigating this possibility. But the prospect of extracting prisoners from within the fearsome Titans will only appeal to the most courageous or foolhardy pilots.”

Materials Received to Construct Duval Statues

01 SEP 3309

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

A campaign by a minor Imperial Family member to deliver precious materials to Laedla has concluded.

The shipments of gold, jadeite and platinum will be used to construct statues of Duval family members, to be erected in public spaces in planetary cities across the Empire.

The project is the brainchild of Archduke Otto Lombardo-Duval, who announced:

“I am deeply grateful to all the pilots who mined or transported the resources we required. Work has already begun to forge them into beautiful works of art, commemorating past Emperors and other noble holders of the Duval name.”

“It is my honour to confirm the first two statues will be of Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval, located in the palace’s central plaza on Capitol, and of Lady Florence Lavigny, placed within the main square of Topaz’s capital city alongside the memorial sculpture of Emperor Hengist.”

Laedla Empire Assembly is now offering payment to those who delivered the required materials to Kummer Acropolis in the Laedla system. Bounty vouchers for all wanted ships destroyed within the system will also be redeemed.