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Sirius Corporation Begins Analysing Wreckage

31 DEC 3301

Last week, the Sirius Corporation launched a search for the remains of the Antares, an innovative passenger liner that disappeared during its maiden voyage in 3251. The initiative piqued the interest of the galactic community, and hundreds of independent pilots took part in the search, scouring the galaxy for remains of the lost ship.

Today, the Sirius Corporation confirmed that it has received thousands of tonnes of space-borne debris, and that it would soon begin analysing the wreckage to determine its origin. Li Yong-Rui, CEO of Sirius Gov, released a brief statement to the media:

"The galactic community has responded to our appeal with great enthusiasm, and we are extremely grateful to all those who took part in the search. Now we must analyse the debris to determine whether any of the wreckage delivered to us is from the Antares. We will make a further announcement as soon as our analysis is complete. Our hope is that the fate of the Antares will not remain a mystery much longer."

Clauss Incorporated Appeal Comes to an End

31 DEC 3301

Clauss Incorporated has announced that its recent appeal for Special Gifts has been warmly received by the galactic community, with hundreds of pilots taking to their ships to transport the requested commodities from Frost Dock in the Njambalba system to Clauss Port in Santa Muerte. Nicolas St Clauss, the CEO of Clauss Incorporated, released a brief statement:

"It warms my heart to see so many people giving to their fellow citizens, and helping us spread joy throughout the galaxy. I'd like to thank all those who contributed to this appeal."

In addition to offering participants generous financial incentives, Clauss Incorporated also gave away hundreds of free ships to pilots who contributed to the appeal.

GalNet Focus on Democracy

31 DEC 3301

This weekly roundup highlights some of the minor factions pursuing the dream of democratic freedom by holding elections.

Here are 10 of the 3,139 minor factions holding elections:

CD-51 881 Galactic Network

Aditi Jet Universal Interstellar

Barnard's Star Alliance

LHS 1885 League

League of 36 Ursae Majoris

Marquis du Meduwang

Wawal Partners

Confederacy of CPO 24

Aditi Crimson Energy Inc

Anareldt Silver Advanced Hldgs

Elections occur when two minor factions of a similar political structure resolve a conflict over ownership and influence within a system.

Data is correct at time of publishing.