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Deliver Rarities for Azimuth Event

13 JUL 3309

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Azimuth Biotech has requested shipments of rare commodities to Xi Wangda, as luxury supplies for its business convention.

Torben Rademaker, CEO of the anti-xeno corporation, announced the initiative via public channels:

“We expect this prestigious gathering to be attended by many representatives from research groups, manufacturing companies and military forces. To ensure that our esteemed guests are made welcome, we will pay handsomely for shipments of Albino Quechua Mammoth Meat, Gilya Signature Weapons and Harma Silver Sea Rum.”

“The cornerstone of this event will be the commercial launch of Azimuth’s newly modified ship-mounted weapon: the pre-engineered Overcharged Gimballed AX Multi-Cannon with Auto Loader. Our proprietary redesign will make a significant contribution when engaging Thargoid vessels in combat. Those who contribute the greatest number of rare goods will be rewarded with some of these revolutionary modules.”

Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran, who coordinates the Alliance’s involvement with Aegis, remarked on Azimuth’s campaign during an interview for the Old Worlds Gazette:

“Anything that increases survivability against the Thargoids is surely welcome. But it does grind a little when it comes from the same organisation that escalated the war so significantly.”

“Furthermore, Mr Rademaker is placing a positive spin on Azimuth’s connections with third parties, rather than admit that it is a necessity. Activist groups such as Operation Wych Hunt have diminished the corporation’s stellar influence in recent months. Their actions might have forced Azimuth to rely on external support in order to compete with Aegis.”

Pilots can make their deliveries to Musashi in the Xi Wangda system. Azimuth Biotech has acknowledged that transporting these valuable items increases the likelihood of being targeted by pirate forces. The corporation will therefore offer a further reward for redeeming bounty vouchers at Cartier City on wanted ships in the system, in order to maintain local security.