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Tour of Frontier Systems Set to Begin Shortly

06 MAY 3301

Despite a rather sceptical response to the President’s planned tour of Federal frontier systems, particularly the bizarre choice to visit 78 Ursae Majoris (a system which overwhelmingly voted to leave the Federation nearly two months ago), the President’s office has announced that the series of visits with local leaders will go ahead as planned.

The following systems have already been announced as being part of the President’s trip:

Hip 53688


78 Ursae Majoris


Furuhjlem I-645





Ross 860

Another dozen systems are expected to be added before the President sets off on tour later in the week.

Prism Senator Summoned to Achenar

06 MAY 3301

Senator Kahina Tijani Loren’s Imperial Courier was seen departing early morning local time from the Avalon shipyards. It rendezvoused with The Imperial Interdictor Atticus, Admiral Brice last known to be in command.

The convoy is believed to be enroute to the Achenar system.

According to the Imperial Herald, Senator Loren is “being hailed as a true daughter of the Empire, and assigned the rights and responsibilities as appropriate to her rank.”

Quite what this means is not clear, even to seasoned Imperial watchers.

Senator Loren’s political leanings are even less clear. She is reportedly in favour of slavery, having been quoted as saying “Slavery is a safety net, it ensures nobody can starve or fall into poverty.”

She is also clearly prepared to use violence to achieve her aims – as revolutionaries on her home world of Prism were summarily executed after she returned to power.

By contrast she seems to be in favour of closer political ties with the Federation and the Alliance. Her recent trip to the Sol system was either a carefully orchestrated political gambit, or just happy chance. Either way, her positive profile with in the Federation is certainly a factor.

Senator Loren was involved in a wide-spread space battle during the reclamation of the Prism, which may have influenced her views on the effectiveness and desirability of major naval engagements.