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Genesis of the Thargoids?

07 APR 3304

Professor Cora Shaw, director of the Palin Institute, has published a paper speculating on the origin of the Thargoids.

Extracts from her paper are reprinted below:

“Considering the Thargoids’ impact on our civilisation, it is disturbing that we still know so little about them. Information from Guardian sites has shed some light on the Thargoids’ ancient history, but it’s clear they were an established spacefaring species long before they encountered the Guardians. So where did the Thargoids come from?”

“We know that the Thargoids are insectoid in nature with an affinity for ammonia-based worlds. This suggests they may have evolved in a harsh, low-temperature environment, which might explain their overdeveloped survival instincts and aggressive nature. But we also know the Thargoids are experts in bioengineering, so they may have augmented their own biology to a point where natural evolutionary processes are meaningless.”

“Since much of the Milky Way remains uncharted, the Thargoid homeworld might be just beyond known space or on the other side of the galaxy – if it exists at all. It’s possible they are now a nomadic species, existing entirely in space, or within fabricated hives of some kind. It may even be that they have journeyed across millions of light years, from Andromeda or beyond, like a swarm of locusts seeking fresh crops to consume.”

“Other theories are more esoteric but worthy of exploration. We know that their vessels are capable of hovering in hyperspace, suggesting that witch-space is comfortable for them. Could living beings actually originate from hyperspace?”

“Alternatively, they may be using hyperspace as a conduit from a dimensional plane entirely separate from real space. The Thargoids may not just be extragalactic in origin, but extra-universal.”

New Designs from Technology Brokers

07 APR 3304

A range of new Guardian-inspired modules are now available from the galaxy’s technology brokers. These modules have been developed by the engineer Ram Tah, following his acquisition of data from Guardian sites.

Pilots can now purchase a Guardian power distributor, a Guardian FSD booster and a Guardian shard cannon. The cannon is available in both fixed and turreted versions.

An independent engineering specialist made this comment:

“These Guardian-human hybrid modules offer additional resilience and firepower – both very welcome to Commanders flying combat missions. By taking advantage of the Guardians’ expertise, we may be able to replicate their success in fighting the Thargoids.”

Week in Review

07 APR 3304

Here are this week’s major stories.

Aegis has constructed two megaships, the Acropolis and the Vanguard, to help counter the Thargoid threat. These ships will coordinate anti-Thargoid operations and support independent pilots. Aegis has confirmed that both vessels will periodically relocate to wherever they can be strategically effective.

Meanwhile, many members of the Pilots Federation have responded to the recent Aegis report detailing the Thargoids’ history. One Commander admitted he was disturbed to discover that the Thargoids had been around for millions of years, and that even the Guardians had found it difficult to stop them. But other pilots were more forthright, with one reminding the galactic community that the Thargoids are not invincible.

In other news, conflict has erupted between Ross 310 Natural Services, the controlling faction of the Ross 310 system, and the Ross 310 Cartel, a criminal organisation also based in the region. It is understood that the Ross 310 Cartel is attempting to overthrow Ross 310 Natural Services and assume control of the system. Both organisations have issued calls for aid, appealing to independent combat pilots for support.

Finally, the EG Union has announced that its campaign to build a shipyard in Ross 720 has received the wholehearted support of the galactic community. Hundreds of pilots supported the initiative by delivering commodities to Lyakhov Dock, and by eliminating agitators in Ross 720 and surrounding systems, thereby ensuring the safety of traders.

And those are the main stories this week.