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The Truth about Emperor’s Dawn

10 SEP 3301

The Truth about Emperor’s Dawn

As the campaign against Emperor’s Dawn escalates, captured materials have revealed more about the group and its aims to destabilise imperial society.

Reporters from a number of respected imperial newsfeeds, including the Imperial Herald, were invited to inspect some of the seized information. At first the reporters were surprised by how innocuous the material appeared. Taken at face value, it seemed to espouse beliefs and traditions supported by many throughout the Empire, despite the rather extreme tone. The propaganda became more sinister, however, when it elaborated on how these beliefs would ideally be enforced. Some of the items included speeches denouncing the Emperor and his ‘complicity in the erosion of tradition’. Elsewhere, demands were made to remove the Emperor so that someone more fitting could take his place. So far, nothing has been revealed about who the group considers a proper candidate for Emperor.

New Combat Fighter from Gutamaya Shipyards

10 SEP 3301

New Combat Fighter from Gutamaya Shipyards

One of the defining characteristics of the Eagle Mk II is its peerless manoeuvrability, so when it was announced that the successor to the popular fighter would be less manoeuvrable than the ship it was replacing, eyebrows were raised. It seems, however, that there was little cause for concern, as while the new Eagle doesn’t quite rival its predecessor in terms of agility, it outclasses it in virtually all other respects.

Not only is the new Eagle faster than its predecessor, with a top speed of 300 and a boost speed of 400, it is also has a superior combat profile, boasting advanced armour and shields, and with the small hardpoint of the Mk II replaced with a medium hardpoint. These new features are supported by an improved power plant, although these enhancements do of course mean extra weight, resulting in a base jump range of 10 LY.

The other major change introduced with the new Eagle is that it has been manufactured by Gutamaya Shipyards rather than Core Dynamics, who produced the Eagle Mk II. The result, as one might expect, is a sleeker, more elegant vessel, albeit one that has retained the menacing profile of the earlier model. Additionally, the vessel has been produced specifically for the Imperial Navy, meaning that pilots will need to hold a rank of Outsider or above in the Imperial Navy to fly it.

The Imperial Eagle is expected to retail at 110,825 CR.

GalNet Focus on Democracy

10 SEP 3301

GalNet Focus on Democracy

This weekly roundup highlights some of the minor factions pursuing the dream of democratic freedom by holding elections (*).

Here are 10 of the 2,033 minor factions holding elections:

Cordenet Citizens' Forum

Falendal Imperial Society

Revolutionary Party of Crevit

HIP 118321 Fortune Incorporated

Damona Comms Systems

Heidumani Electronics Organisation

Falendal Patron's Principles

LTT 14174 Limited

LTT 14174 Energy Systems

Workers of Harima Revolutionary Party

Elections occur when two minor factions of a similar political structure resolve a conflict over ownership and influence within a system.

* Data is correct at time of publishing.