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Manatee Megaship Initiative Concludes

20 SEP 3304

The Libertas Cooperative has announced that its appeal for commodities has reached a successful conclusion, having received an overwhelming response from the galactic community. Land enrichment systems, animal monitors, aquaponic systems and marine equipment were delivered to Ocrinox's Orbiter over the past week, allowing construction of a megaship where manatees will be farmed.

With the initiative at an end, Progenitor Selena Conley of the Libertas Cooperative issued the following statement:

“The people of Munshin, and our partners at Munshin Manatee Meat, extend the warmest of thanks to all pilots who supported our project. Increased production of manatee meat will give a much-needed boost to the Munshin system’s economy.”

Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect their rewards from Ocrinox's Orbiter in the Munshin system.

Appeal for Computing Commodities

20 SEP 3304

Two rival technology companies – Supratech and Herculean Machines – have appealed for commodities to support the release of forthcoming products.

Scorpio DeVorrow, CEO of Supratech, issued the following statement:

“The Torc is the latest in personal computing, featuring state-of-the-art holographic technology. Anyone who wants to benefit from the next generation in wearable hardware should support its development.”

Meanwhile, Maddox Hurd, head of Herculean Machines, had this to say:

“The Duradrive cannot be rivalled for power or customisability. What people need in this challenging age is a robust product, not some ephemeral toy that malfunctions when exposed to a stiff breeze.”

To bring their products to market, both companies have placed open orders for commodities. Supratech requires Conductive Fabrics, Robotics and Microcontrollers, while Herculean Machines has asked for Consumer Technology, Hardware Diagnostic Sensors and Computer Components. Pilots wishing to support Supratech should deliver commodities to Roberts Port in the Fedmich system, while pilots wishing to support Herculean Machines should deliver commodities to Cowper Dock in the Anima system.

The campaigns begin on the 20th of September 3304 and will run for one week. If either party achieves its aims earlier than planned, both campaigns will end immediately.

Robot Exposes Corporate Fraud

20 SEP 3304

Business magnate Lloyd Hardacre has been arrested for corporate fraud after his personal administrative robot revealed incriminating evidence.

The incident occurred at Burnell Station during the annual general meeting of Copernicus Shipping Ltd, an interplanetary haulage firm founded by Mr Hardacre.

One witness, a company shareholder, told reporters:

“Halfway through Hardacre’s financial presentation, we saw off-the-books logs that were very obviously illegal. Hardacre ordered the robot to stop, but it continued projecting data from its internal drives. Eventually he ran from the hall in panic.”

Lieutenant Inspector Ramesh Thorne of the Federal Security Service made this statement:

“We have placed Mr Hardacre in custody while we verify multiple instances of fraud and misuse of company funds. We are also investigating how his personal admin robot managed to obtain such information, and why it chose to make the data public at this time.”

Historical Sculptures Stolen

20 SEP 3304

A collection of historically significant artworks has been stolen from the Imperial Museum of Culture on Eotienses A 3.

A local media report stated:

“The museum’s most popular exhibit is the New Dawn Collection, a sequence of sculptures by legendary artist Lal Candromir. These figures date back nearly a thousand years and commemorate the early settlers of Eotienses agreeing to join the Empire.”

“This morning, visitors found the entire exhibit empty, with every single one of the Candromir statues gone. Painted onto the wall was a graphic of a winking cat. The museum cannot explain how its security systems were so completely circumvented.”

Captain Madoc Evander of the Imperial Internal Security Service commented:

“We are performing forensic analyses and interviewing all staff and visitors. As yet, we cannot confirm any connection between this theft and one that occurred three months ago in the Alioth system, despite the identical ‘winking cat’ motif. We will make every effort to capture this criminal and recover these precious cultural artefacts.”