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Galactic News: Starport Status Update

24 JAN 3303

The recent Sirius Corporation campaign to protect starports from Unknown Artefact-related interference is already bearing fruit.

Using material donated by the galactic community, Sirius Corporation scientists have dramatically increased the efficiency of meta-alloy application, thereby restoring many of the starports affected by Unknown Artefact-related disruption.

The corporation's researchers have confirmed that far fewer meta-alloys are now needed to counter Unknown Artefact-related disruption and repair malfunctioning starports.

As the lists below indicate, the number of affected starports has already been reduced, and it is hoped that these lists will only shorten as the weeks go on.

At the time of writing, the following starports remain closed.

Birkhoff Station, Chnemine

Descartes Station, Neche

Dogmaa, Wolfberg

Frick Base, Naurung

Haisheng Orbital, HR 8474

Phillips Terminal, CD-72 190

Roentgen Hub, LFT 37

Tall Enterprise, Ngalia

Tarelkin Dock, LP 462-19

The following starports continue to experience technical issues:

Amnuel Dock, Kwiamoni

Frick Base, Naurung

Hillary Silo, HR 8474

Hinz Hub, Ngobe

i Sola Prospect, Brestla

Melvin Hub, GD 1192

Priest Survey, HIP 19147

Alexander Freeport, HIP 18843

Amnuel Dock, Kwiamoni

Bondarek Orbital, Munfayl

Carter Port, Rhea

Cayley Landing, Atroan

Donaldson Retreat, Rajuar

Haack Gateway, Halbangaay

Hinz Hub, Ngobe

Kooi Gateway, G 190-28

Liwei Gateway, 63 G. Capricorni

Manakov Survey, Aeduci

Melvin Hub, GD 1192

Noctrach-Ihazevich Research Facility, Pleiades Sector AB-W b2-4

Panshin Port, Heikegani

Roberts Port, CD-52 9732

von Bellingshausen Port, Almar

Meanwhile, the following starports are on the brink of closure:

Bacon City, Carnoeck

Elder Works, Ross 154

Kagan Vision, Col 285 Sector IX-T d3-43

Galactic News: Ram Tah Discovers New Sites

24 JAN 3303

Following his recent appeal for data from the Synuefe ruins, engineer Ram Tah has released a statement:

"Using the data contributed by the galactic community, I have succeeded in accessing the monolith network. But although I have detected a number of further Guardian sites – which is very exciting – I have not been able to divine their precise locations. All I have been able to do is narrow the field to a handful of systems – specifically Synuefe ZL-J d10-119, Synuefe XO-P c22-17, IC 2391 Sector ZE-A d101 and IC 2391 Sector GW-V b2-4."

"Locating these sites is of central importance to our ongoing research, which is why I am encouraging the galactic community to explore these systems. Together, we can further our understanding of this fascinating race."

Galactic News: Weekly Security Report

24 JAN 3303

This report presents the latest data on the security status of the galaxy's minor factions.

Here are the latest factions to experience a lockdown:

Brotherhood of LP 98-132

Ngaliba Blue Camorra

Lords of Ngaliba

Laedla and Co

Bhotho Rats

LP 811-17 Gold Energy Partners

Attach Federal and Co

Nationalists of Aulin

Aulin Focus

Rajgonta for Equality

When a faction experiences a lockdown, the security rating of the system it controls temporarily increases and the system's wealth temporarily decreases. Bounty hunting activity can shorten the lockdown period.

Here are the latest factions to experience civil unrest:

Wolf 359 Blue Travel Commodities

Potriti Gold Mafia

Kokary Holdings

Alpha Centauri Gold Brotherhood

Xihe Purple Brothers

Ross 490 Mafia

Oho Bajo Public Holdings

Independents of LHS 3262

New CD-61 6801 Flag

Green Party of Lung

Civil unrest is the result of illegal activity. When a faction is affected by civil unrest, the standard of living in the system it controls temporarily decreases, as does the system's wealth. Combat missions and activities can bring civil unrest to an end.