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Galactic News: Where is Jaques Station?

13 JUN 3302

Jaques Station hit the headlines two weeks ago when it was reported that the galaxy's most famous travelling starport had disappeared. Jaques, the starport's owner and operator, had announced plans to jump from Gliese 1269 to Beagle Point. But when contact with the starport was lost, many feared the ambitious enterprise had resulted in disaster.

Fortunately it seems the starport is still intact, even if its whereabouts remain unknown. Several outposts throughout inhabited space have reported receiving messages over the past 24 hours, suggesting that the cyborg and his travelling starport survived the attempted journey to Beagle Point.

Unfortunately the messages are extremely fragmentary, giving no clear indication of where the starport might be. One of the more complete messages reads as follows:

" engines... station infrastructure intact but...we are..."

We will continue to bring you up-to-the-minute reports on this issue.

Galactic News: Weekly Economic Report

13 JUN 3302

This report presents the latest data on the economic health of the galaxy's minor factions.

Here are the latest factions to experience an economic boom:

Luyten's Star Co

Workers of Tau-1 Gruis Democrats

League of HIP 3142

Labour of LHS 3531

Dilga Vision Group

LHS 3749 Group

Bactrib Patrons of Law

Futhorc Patron's Principles

Naunei Limited Independent

LP 320-359 League

Boom is usually the result of consistent trade profit and completed trade contracts. When a faction experiences a boom, the wealth of the system it controls temporarily increases and trade missions completed in the system have double the effect on influence. The faction's influence may also increase. Booms typically last until they naturally expire.

Here are the latest factions to experience an economic bust:

Sowiio Emperor's Grace

Cubeo Silver Advanced Industries

CD-66 2585 Purple Cartel

HIP 50661 Corporation

Jet Energy Industries

Piorimudjar Gold Boys

Integrated Gundiae

Sanda Confederacy

People's Party of LTT 1345

Kausalya Boys

When a faction experiences a bust, the wealth of the system it controls is temporarily reduced and the faction's influence is temporarily diminished. Trade actions do not contribute to boom while a bust is active. A bust typically has to run its course before ending.