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Imperial Assassination Attempt Foiled

01 APR 3301

According to sources within the Imperial Palace on Capitol an attempt to end the Emperor’s life was foiled late last night.

The close call came after a member of the Palace’s janitorial team alerted the Emperor’s personal physician to the fact that the Palace pharmacy had been left unlocked. This caused medical staff to carry out a full inventory of the Emperor’s medical supplies, which in turn revealed evidence that some of the Emperor’s medication had been tampered with.

Details as to the exact nature of the attack have not been shared with the press at this time. However, Chancellor Blaine’s office has confirmed that had the attack gone undetected for much longer the Emperor would almost certainly have been killed.

The investigation into the matter is an ongoing concern. Citizens who think they may have information pertinent to the case should contact Capitol Security as soon as possible.

Aisling’s Angels Challenge the Senator’s Slavers

01 APR 3301

The fortunes of societies least fortunate may finally be changing this week, as Senator Torval has accepted a challenge to go head to head with the Diva Duval to prove once and for all whose position the citizens of the Empire truly support.

Senator Torval and the Imperial Society will be buying up all the unregulated Slaves they can get their hands on at Lagerkvist Gateway in Synteini.

Aisling Duval, in association with Stop Slavery Stupid and the Empire Party, will be accepting donations of Imperial Slaves (with the express intention of setting them free) at Mackenzie Relay in Cemiess.

If Aisling wins, Senator Torval has sworn to set free any Slaves brought to her training centres during the course of the wager.

If Senator Torval wins, Aisling has agreed to take on a personal contingent of Imperial Slaves for no less than one year.

Citizens can show their support by signing up to deliver Slaves or Imperial Slaves to the candidate of their choice at the stations mentioned above.