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Federal Vigilantes Defy All Galactic Powers

22 JUN 3301

Federal Vigilantes Defy All Galactic Powers

A long standing Federation leaning vigilante group has announced today that it is declaring itself its own sovereign power, defying all of the great galactic powers in what members of the groups are calling a struggle between "politicians, slavers and warlords."

The Armada will instead be working to create its own system of governance, based upon its own particular rules of law. The Armada will remain headquartered in the Ngaliba system, where it has resided since 2900 as a Federal detachment of a classified inter-factional combat force. Post Commander Tyllerius Adle pulled his force out of the secretive organization in 3200, re-branding his group as "Adle's Armada” in the process.

In 3301 the Armada still shrouds its self in secrecy and only recruits the finest and cleanest of conscience combative pilots into its ranks.

The group has been known to spring up in times of need to defend the defenceless against forces that seek to to evil in the Galaxy. Adle's Armada will now be acting as its own power in the universe, with members of the group operating primarily in the Ngaliba, Mbukuravi and Kremainn systems.

GalNet reached out to members of Congress for comment, but at time of press had received no reply.