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Onionhead Appeal Successful

25 NOV 3301

The Drug Empire of Xelabara has announced that its appeal for onionhead has been successful. According to Rooney 'Rush' Romero, a spokesperson for the Drug Empire of Xelabara, the faction has received significant quantities of the controversial narcotic over the past week:

"This just goes to show that the demand for onionhead is a strong as ever, despite the Federation's attempts to quash it. I want to say a big thank you to all the traders who made the journey to Xelabara, and to all the pilots who helped clear the pirates from our spaceways. You guys rock!"

Romero announced that all those who contributed to the appeal could collect their rewards from Navigator Market in Xelabara.

GalNet Weekly Health Hotspots

25 NOV 3301

This weekly report typically covers some of the minor factions experiencing significant health issues, such as famine and outbreaks. At the time of writing, however, outbreaks have not been reported among any minor factions.

Services Suspended at Gaiman Dock and Weyn Dock

25 NOV 3301

Authorities in the 64 Arietis system have confirmed that station services at Weyn Dock have been suspended due to ongoing technical issues at the starport. The announcement came within an hour of a similar statement from 49 Arietis, where it was confirmed that station services had also been suspended at Gaiman Dock. Shipyards at both starports are still understood to be accessible.

Meanwhile, the Arawere system has become the latest to be affected by the mysterious malfunctions, with Korolyov Hub experiencing similar issues to those plaguing starports in Warkushanui, 49 Arietis, 64 Arietis, Varati, Ngobe, Iapodes and Sol.

Technical teams at the affected starports are working around the clock to determine the cause of the malfunctions, and scientists across the galaxy, including those of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group, are desperately trying to find a solution to the problem, but so far no progress has been made.

GalNet Weekly Powers Update Incoming

25 NOV 3301

In the early hours of tomorrow morning (7.00am GMT), the GalNet monitoring of powers' activities will go offline for a short period while the latest data is assembled.

Any pilots who operate for one of the powers must deliver any cargo or vouchers before this time to ensure their activities are registered.