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A Retrospective of 3308 (Part Three)

02 JAN 3309

The concluding article in a series by historian Sima Kalhana, providing an overview of last year’s key events.

“The aftermath of the Battle of HIP 22460 was an unsettling time. With Salvation dead, Azimuth Biotech fell under new management and struggled to maintain prominence. The Empire withdrew from further collaborations with the other superpowers. And despite widespread fears of Thargoid reprisals, a xeno-peace movement sought diplomacy with the aliens to prevent further conflict.”

“September brought further mysteries with sightings of eight swirling anomalies in deep space, detectable by ship scanners within a certain range. Initially assumed to be stellar phenomena, these rogue signal sources were later discovered to be travelling faster than light.”

“Professor Alba Tesreau continued to call for Aegis to be reinstated, and held a symposium in October to outline her plans. This was gatecrashed by a woman named Seo Jin-ae, formerly Subject D-2 in Azimuth’s notorious Project Seraph experiments. Her neural link to a Thargoid vessel provided a degree of insight into the aliens’ behaviour. With Tesreau’s help, she later claimed the rogue signal sources were of Thargoid origin, summoned in response to events in HIP 22460.”

“The Far God cult was overjoyed by the Thargoids’ recent victory, but its radical True Chapters sect was accused of sharing classified media from HIP 22460 which included the ‘Thargoid roar’. The Federation outlawed the religion, forcing the True Chapters megaships to flee.”

“By November, it was confirmed that all eight rogue signal sources were approaching the core systems. Congressman Dalton Chase arranged for the xeno-peace movement to outfit the Kingfisher megaship, which was sent to meet and communicate with one of the so-called ‘stargoids’. It was swiftly destroyed, establishing a grim prelude for the bloodshed to follow.”

“Taranis, the first of the anomalies, arrived in Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 on 29th November, manifesting as a colossal gas cloud. This Maelstrom immediately unleashed vast numbers of Thargoid vessels into neighbouring systems, ferociously attacking all orbital and planet-based habitats.”

“The remaining seven Maelstroms arrived during December, empowering the Thargoids to invade and conquer systems. Superpower militaries, anti-xeno squadrons and independent pilots rushed to their defence, but were clearly unprepared for an onslaught of such magnitude.”

“By the end of 3308, Thargoid forces were raging across the core systems, causing millions of casualties and displacing millions more from their homes. The cataclysmic events of the past year have cast a chilling shadow over the future, with only one certainty: that 3309 will be dominated by the Second Thargoid War.”