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Thargoid-Worshipping Cult Garners Hostility

30 JUN 3304

Public reaction to a fringe religion that worships the Thargoids is one of mistrust and hostility, according to security reports.

The nameless cult believes in the coming of the so-called Far God and the subsequent extinction of all humanity bar themselves. Their hive-chapels, inspired by Thargoid design, have sprung up on several independent worlds and in a few Federation and Alliance systems.

Security forces in these locations have made numerous arrests for misdemeanours directed at the sect. These include graffiti, property damage, verbal abuse and physical assault. There are no recorded cases of worshippers retaliating, defending themselves or seeking assistance.

Juanita Bishop, who runs a vocal citizen-protection campaign, claims she is warning the public about a genuine danger:

“If these Thargoid lovers don’t want to be human anymore, they shouldn’t be allowed to live among other humans! Our governments should pack these foul-smelling freaks into ships and send them off to join the aliens they love so much. And if they don’t, it’s up to us to stop them. Do you really want these degenerates to creep into your home at night and do obscene alien things to your family?”

Many authorities have responded along the same lines as Councillor Quinn Damico of the Aranbarahun system:

“I would like to assure citizens that the Far God worshippers, while strange, are essentially harmless. Furthermore, criminal acts against them, including incitement to violence, may result in prosecution. The right to freedom of religion is protected by law in all systems where the sect has a presence.”