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Galactic News: Black Fleet Takes Control of Tiliala

11 NOV 3303

The GalNet News Agency has learned that the Black Fleet, an independent organisation formerly based in Varpet, has become the dominant faction in the Tiliala system.

The news is significant because access to the system – which was previously controlled by the Conservatives of Tiliala – is dependent on the possession of a permit.

It is understood that the right to grant access to the system is now shared by both the Black Fleet and the Conservatives of Tiliala.

Lanquo Parkes, an expert in territorial disputes, offered the following assessment:

“This is a highly unusual situation, but the Black Fleet expended considerable effort to take control of Tiliala, and it is only right that it be able to control access to the system. The Conservatives of Tiliala have retained the right to issue permits, but they now have only a marginal presence in Tiliala, having relocated to a Wells-class Carrier in nearby Akandinigua.”

The Conservatives have secured the support of various corporate and political partners to ensure their new asset does not fall into enemy hands. One of these partners, who elected to remain anonymous, said:

“We do not want to see our friends suffer any further losses. We have therefore taken steps to ensure their new home, Tiliala’s Lament, cannot be taken from them.”