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Armed Intruders Apprehended at Christian Dock

02 NOV 3301

Security personnel at Christian Dock in the Nganji System have successfully apprehended a group of armed interlopers, it has been confirmed. The intruders, who were reported to be in possession of personal weapons classed as illegal in several systems, are being detained while they await preliminary sentencing.

Jason Treeves, Head of Security at Christian Dock, had the following to say:

"The trespassers managed to disable our frontline security system, but apparently they didn't realise we had an array of secondary sensors, and they triggered the alarm. A response team was scrambled to their location, and my men succeeded in subduing the intruders with a minimum of fuss. A full investigation into how these men were able to bypass our security systems is now underway."

Readers will no doubt recall that Christian Dock is also the centre of Professor Ishmael Palin's research into the unknown artefacts discovered earlier this year. Treeves refused to comment on a possible connection between the security breach and Professor Palin's research, but a civilian source at Christian Dock said:

"I have it on good authority they were caught trying to break into Palin's laboratory, and I heard they had incendiary explosives, too. I wouldn't be surprised to discover they were trying to destroy the lab and the UAs."