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Federation Scientist Initiates Independent Research Programme

26 OCT 3301

Ishmael Palin, the Federation scientist tasked with studying the anomalous extraterrestrial objects discovered earlier this year, has announced his decision to resume his research. This development follows the termination of an earlier, Federation-backed research programme led by Professor Palin.

The decision to restart the programme constitutes a defiant move on the part of Professor Palin, who declined to make a public statement at the time of the original project's cancellation. The new research effort will be based at Christian Dock in the Nganji System, close to the region of space where the objects were discovered.

Professor Palin made the following statement:

"I have no wish to speculate on Governor Quaid's reasons for cancelling the original research programme, but I will say that these objects signify a potentially momentous scientific discovery, and I am extremely pleased to be able to continue my research. As a scientist I feel it is my duty to subject these fascinating objects to comprehensive analysis, and to share the results of that analysis with the galactic community. Hopefully, now that Governor Deacon has allowed us to establish a research base at Christian Dock, my team and I can continue with our work, free from interference."