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Research into Strange Objects Begins

13 SEP 3301

Research into Strange Objects Begins

A Federal research programme has been established to study the strange objects discovered in a number of systems, including Tanmark and HIP 102128, it was announced today. The project is being led by Professor Ishmael Palin, formerly of the Homeland Scientific Council.

The first of the objects was discovered some months ago, with further objects being found in the weeks that followed. Those who have seen the artefacts first-hand report that they are reminiscent of biological forms, consisting of a spherical bulb-like element connected to a number of cylindrical capsules. Some have even suggested they might be life forms in their own right.

Aside from their unusual structure, the objects – referred to by some as 'unknown artefacts' and dubbed 'anomalous extraterrestrial objects' (or 'AEOs') by Professor Palin and his team – are believed to have the capacity to damage nearby machinery, although exactly how this occurs is not fully understood. This has made transport of the objects problematic, as they can inflict significant damage on a ship’s cargo hold, and on adjacent ship’s systems.

Naturally, speculation concerning the objects has been rife, and there appears to be significant evidence that they are of non-human origin. Professor Palin refused to be drawn on the subject, however, saying:

“A discovery of this kind represents an event of major scientific interest, and I am delighted to have been asked to lead this research project. It would be imprudent of me to speculate on the objects’ origin or purpose. Suffice it to say that my team and I will be subjecting the artefacts to rigorous examination over the coming weeks, and I very much look forward to sharing our discoveries with the scientific community.”