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Core Dynamics Unveils New Gunship

07 SEP 3301

Core Dynamics Unveils New Gunship

Core Dynamics has a long-running association with the Federation, having produced everything from the humble Eagle to the mighty Farragut Battle Cruiser for the Federal Navy. Their latest offering, the Federal Gunship, is a sturdy combat vessel designed to provide the Federation with a superior fighter escort.

The natural comparison point for the new Gunship is the Federal Dropship, which offers a similar balance of features, but with a total of seven external hardpoints – two small, four medium and one large – and advanced armour and shields, the Gunship boasts a stronger combat profile than the Dropship, as well as offering better internal hardpoint quality.

This combat superiority comes at a cost, however, as the ship has an inferior flight model to that of the Federal Dropship, with a top speed of 170 and a boost speed of 280. It is fair to say, however, that speed and manoeuvrability were probably not chief among the Federation’s concerns when the ship was designed. This is a vessel that has been created to dominate other ships, rather than outpace or outmanoeuvre them.

The Federal Gunship is expected to retail at 45,814,000 CR, and will be available to all pilots holding the rank of Ensign or above in the Federal Navy Auxiliary.