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Rise of the Nova Fleet on the Frontier

14 JUL 3301

Rise of the Nova Fleet on the Frontier

After several decades as a Freelancer member of the Pilots Federation, Commander DarkStar decided to unite a fleet of former Imperial and Federal pilot. Working closely with Commander Equin0x, he united them into forming a freelancer fleet to patrol the frontier and assisting in their economic development. The long term aim is to help free them the superpowers.

CMDR Equin0x commented to GalNet:

"The superpowers exploit the populations of the frontier colonies to gain cheap labour and materials, in conditions that are near to, if not actual slavery."

Up until now the Nova Fleet constituted a loosely bound alliance of like-minded individuals occupying distant and relatively uncontrolled areas of the frontier. The fleet has recently grown with a sudden influx of new membership, and now this growing collective has now attracted politicians' interest in both Imperial and Federation space.

A spokesperson for the Nova Fleet talked to us about their objectives:

"The Nova Fleet will bring prosperity and security to the frontier of the human civilization. We will avoid political entanglements with the superpowers and their lackeys. The truth of our intentions can be seen from the pilots who once served Federation, Empire and even the Alliance who’ve joined us! We should not be underestimated. We will bring security to the frontier, even if that means to fight against the Empire, the Feds or bloody aliens!"

Their influence and fame seems to spread fast, and with over 100 ships, their number of associates grows even faster.