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The Savage Side of Imperial Slavery

13 JUN 3301

The Savage Side of Imperial Slavery

On the edges of Imperial space, the line between savagery and civilisation blurs on an almost daily basis. Never has this been more apparent than this weekend, during which hundreds of supposedly honourable Imperial commanders crossed the border to smuggle massive quantities of Imperial Slaves to sell in black markets controlled by the Kumo Crew.

Exactly what the Kumo Crew plans to do with the Imperial Slaves is unknown, although given how much the Kumo Crew were paying for them it’s almost certainly not going to be pleasant.

Under Imperial law, citizens are not permitted to sell their Imperial Slaves for service to non-Imperial citizens, nor are they allowed to sell Imperial Slaves on worlds outside of Imperial space. Those found breaking the law run the risk of being forced into service themselves, although in reality Imperial frontier security services tend to turn a blind eye to the practice.

GalNet reached out to the Imperial Slavers Association and received the following statement:

“The sale of Imperial Slaves outside of the borders of Imperial space is strictly prohibited by order of the Senate. Any members of the ISA found engaging in such activity will be removed from the guild and reported to the appropriate authorities.”