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Who is Brad Mitchell? The New Federal VP!

11 JUN 3301

Who is Brad Mitchell? The New Federal VP!

After the phenomenal political upheaval of the last week and the handover to the new administration, we take a look at our new Vice President Brad Mitchell.

He started as a travelling salesman, a rep for LTT 15449 Dynamic Incorporated, and rapidly climbed the ranks, ending up as President of Sales at Reyan BPS, becoming very wealthy before his move into politics. Brad Mitchell has a good reputation for getting things done, but has made enemies along the way.

Having spent much of his early adult life travelling throughout Federal space on behalf of various interstellar corporations, the new VP is well versed in the needs of the Federal frontier systems, and he is well liked in those systems. It is a clear move by Hudson to show he plans to support the frontier on every level, and has been seen as a very positive move by many living along the Federal borders.