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The Rising Cost of Getting High

07 JUN 3301

The Rising Cost of Getting High

In reaction to the changing political landscape in the Federation, many systems have begun taking a much firmer stance against the supply and distribution of illegal narcotics.

Traditionally, prohibition has served to do nothing more than increase the risk and reward for those involved in the trade of prohibited materials. This time appears to be no different.

With the supply no longer adequately able to meet the demand, many buyers are being forced to pay prices that would have been unimaginable just weeks ago.

While stricter penalties and additional costs may be enough to dissuade infrequent users, for the vast majority the question of cost is less an issue of if, and more a question of how.

Smugglers across the galaxy have seen their profits rise by as much as 5000% in the last couple of weeks, with many expecting that profits will continue to rise, as more and more systems begin to crack down on the delivery of illicit goods to their stations.