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Thargoid War Update: August 3309

29 AUG 3309

Vox Galactica’s Jade Sanderlyn reviews developments in the ongoing war against the Thargoids.

“There have been some impressive territorial gains against the Thargoids in recent weeks. The number of systems controlled by the Titans’ invasion fleets has tumbled, allowing many millions of people to return to their homes. This is largely thanks to coordinated action by independent pilots and anti-xeno squadrons.”

“However, I take no pleasure in reporting that the ‘unsubstantiated rumours’ I discussed last month are true. The Thargoids’ increased interest in capturing escape pods has been verified, with the appearance of a new vessel designed for this very task. Scythe-class hunters are now launching attacks en masse, using a combination of unique hull-breaching munitions and recovery drones to abduct living people.”

“It’s believed that the Scythes were responsible for the disappearance of thousands aboard the Dedicant. There’s a horrific irony that most of these abductees were members of the Order of the Far God, finally getting their wish to be saved by their ‘angels’. From the logs found aboard the megaship, adrift in the HIP 19600 system, there was nothing holy about the experience.”

“It’s fair to say that these latest revelations are further proof of the fluid nature of the war. They prove that the Thargoids are still adapting their tactics to the current challenge humans provide. What purposes they may have for human specimens remains unknown. But the psychological impact of that mystery – not knowing what they’re doing with the people they capture – will weaken the morale of many anti-xeno fighters.”

“Another discovery this month was a planetary site in the Wregoe BU-Y b2-0 system. This contained both Guardian ruins and crashed Thargoid vessels, and is only the second of its kind ever recorded. More intriguingly, Thargoids active in the region are not attacking human ships on sight.”

“Several pilots told me that this is still normal Thargoid behaviour near some of our populated nebula colonies. But xeno-peace activists feel that this discovery presents an opportunity. The Holloway Bioscience Institute is already planning an independent research expedition to the area. We’ll be watching what happens there very closely.”

“This is Jade Sanderlyn for Vox Galactica. Now more than ever, stay safe out there.”