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Eagle Eye Installations Offline

17 AUG 3304

Admiral Aden Tanner has confirmed reports that Aegis’s Eagle Eye installations are offline.

The development is the result of Thargoid-sensor related interference at Dantec Enterprise, home of Aegis Core, which has neutralised Aegis’s ability to transmit data to the orbital installations.

The Eagle Eye installations play a vital role in countering Thargoid aggression by monitoring energy-level fluctuations at Thargoid surface sites. The data allows pilots to determine which systems the Thargoids intend to attack.

Admiral Tanner elaborated on the issue in a brief statement:

“With Dantec Enterprise experiencing widespread technical issues, it’s impossible for us to communicate with the Eagle Eye installations. And unless the installations are fed a continuous stream of data, they are essentially useless.”

“The Eagle Eye installations are one of the most effective weapons we have in our war against the Thargoids, and we would be grateful to any pilots who could deliver meta-alloys to Dantec Enterprise, to help us get the starport back online.”