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Riri McAllister Shot

03 AUG 3304

Former rear admiral Riri McAllister has been shot. She is currently undergoing medical treatment.

The incident took place at the Alliance Chamber of Justice on Turner’s World in the Alioth system. McAllister was on trial for organising acts of terrorism as Nexus, founder of the League of Reparation.

Deputy Inspector Mara Klatt, who was delivering prosecuting evidence at the trial, briefed the media:

“Shortly after McAllister took the stand she was struck by a single shot from the visitors’ gallery. She is now in intensive care and awaiting transport to an advanced medical facility. Assuming she recovers, the trial will continue at a later date.”

“The shooter has been identified as Polly Cartesius, daughter of Nestor Cartesius, an Imperial senator murdered by the League of Reparation. She used a concealed laser firearm specially designed to avoid security scans. She did not resist arrest, and it is clear that this was an act of revenge for her father’s death. As she is an Imperial citizen, we have extradited her to the care of the IISS.”

Polly Cartesius was last seen in public two weeks ago during her father’s ceremonial funeral, which saw his body entombed in the Hall of Martyrs beneath the Imperial Palace. It is thought that she travelled to Alliance space using false identification.

Captain Niamh Seutonia has taken Ms Cartesius into custody and returned with her to Capitol, where she will stand trial for attempted murder.