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Aisling Duval Hosts Federal Ambassador

07 JUN 3304

Last weekend, Princess Aisling Duval hosted a diplomatic function at which Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester was the guest of honour.

Although security at the event was tight, entertainment journalist Solomon Helios managed to obtain an exclusive insight for his programme.

“If you’re wondering what happened to your invitation to the Princess’s soirée, it probably ended up in the same black hole as mine. But I can still bring you a little peek from behind closed doors!”

“It’s not unusual for the Imperial family to hold parties for visiting ambassadors. What is unusual is that on this occasion, Aisling invited all of Jordan Rochester’s staff, including the captain and crew of his ship. Since the FNS Pioneer’s commanding officer is none other than Vice Admiral Juno Rochester, one of Jordan’s sisters, perhaps this was seen as an opportunity to meet a future in-law?”

“My contacts tell me that despite the variety of uniforms, hairstyles and accents, the night was full of enjoyment. Aisling and Jordan danced together before the ambassador formally thanked the princess on behalf of the Federation.”

“But that’s not all. The next day, who should arrive at Emerald but Senator Caspian Leopold – who you’ll remember is also rumoured to have romantic intentions toward the people’s princess. Supposedly he’s there on official business, although I understand there’s nothing scheduled in his calendar. Or perhaps his invitation arrived late, like mine…”

“So is the princess courting, or merely holding court? As always, Aisling keeps us guessing!”