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Freelance Report: Imperial Factions React to Discovery

10 JAN 3303

In recent days, a number of pilots have reported being pulled from hyperspace by alien-looking ships. Reactions have ranged from shock and fear to curiosity and excitement.

Influential Imperial groups the Chapterhouse of Inquisition, Lavigny's Legion and the 9th Legion have issued strict no-fire orders to their pilots in the event that they are confronted by these mysterious vessels. The orders follow reports that the ships are not acting aggressively and are simply scanning ships they encounter.

"Under no circumstances should any of our pilots engage these vessels," said Governor Shelby Ortega, speaking from Chapterhouse of Inquisition headquarters in Kamadhenu.

"We do not know their motivations, so to act rashly could have dire consequences. Be mindful that these vessels can seemingly disable ship systems on a whim. We should avoid making enemies of beings we know nothing about."

Commander Jubei Himura