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The Canonn Searching for Barnacles in the Pleiades

08 JAN 3302

Dr Arcanonn, head of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group, has released a statement to the media:

"For the past four weeks we have been investigating a curious new commodity called 'meta-alloys'. Many of my colleagues believe there is a link between this commodity and the unknown artefacts, as meta-alloys are linked to objects known colloquially as 'large barnacles', which have some artefact-like qualities."

"We have also been conducting a deep planetary survey of Merope, since the UAs point there, looking for anything out of the ordinary. So far, nothing has been found, but I'm now certain that there is a secret to uncover somewhere in the Pleiades, if not in Merope itself."

"My assistant, Socha Korbemile, insists that we will find large barnacles in the Pleiades, and I am convinced this is worth investigating. So I urge all commanders with planetary landing suites to scour the planets of the Pleiades for these large barnacles. They must be studied!"

Commander Lord Zoltan