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Pirates Target Pegasi Refugees

23 SEP 3301

Pirates Target Pegasi Refugees

Reports are pouring in from the Amitrite system of pirate attacks on refugees fleeing the Pegasi Pirate War. The transports pouring from the Pegasi sector are often overloaded and poorly equipped, making them easy prey for the pirates. Additionally, many of the families fleeing the region bring only their most prized possessions with them, making them particularly attractive to the miscreants who lurk in Amitrite's many asteroid belts.

Representatives of the Defence Force of Amitrite have warned that their forces are stretched too thin for them to respond to every distress call, and they are urging refugees to avoid the system entirely. Those who feel they have no option but to enter the system have been encouraged to fly in convoys for mutual protection. The DFA added that any efforts to eliminate the pirates in Amitrite would be welcomed.

Commander Quade