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Local Faction Helps Ready Munshin

19 SEP 3301

Local Faction Helps Ready Munshin

The task of resettling Pegasi Sector refugees is underway at Ocrinox's Orbiter in the Munshin system. Hundreds of independent pilots have already helped to deliver vital medicines to Ocrinox's Orbiter.

Leading the effort is a previously unheard-of local faction called the Libertas Cooperative. Made up of freed Imperial Slaves and their descendants, the group states that it is dedicated to helping the Empire's least-fortunate. Members of the cooperative are manning docking bays and working overtime to unload cargo ships, and several independent commanders are working in concert with the group to increase the flow of medicines into the system.

The government of Munshin praised the quick action and dedication of the Libertas Cooperative, while a spokesman for the cooperative invited Pegasi Sector refugees to seek employment with the Libertas Cooperative.

Commander Quade