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Emperor's Grace Blocks People’s Princess in Rishair

05 JUL 3301

Emperor's Grace Blocks People’s Princess in Rishair

Last week Rishair was the site of political unrest as activists under the banner of "The People's Princess", Aisling Duval, moved in to disrupt the long standing Imperial slave trade of Rishair. These activists have enjoyed highly celebrated and publicized successful protests in many Imperial systems. However, these fanatical rogue elements operating in support of the People’s Princess were given a stark reminder today not to interfere with correct Imperial procedure after mediation attempts by representatives of Admiral Brennus failed.

Rishair is currently the Headquarters for Admiral Brennus, leader of Emperor's Grace and an influential officer in the Imerial Navy. Although Brennus rarely intervenes on purely political matters, he could not stand by and let politics inhibit trade in his vital systems. After failed attempts at resolving the matter diplomatically, Brennus was overheard as saying "I have no patience for this. Contact Senator Patreus, he somehow has the ability to deal with this nonsense!" according to an anonymous Emperor's Grace staff member.

Immediately thereafter, the Rishair system was prepared to come under the protection of Senator Denton Patreus, in a sign of support to Admiral Brennus and Emperor's Grace through what has become known as Operation BBH by Brennus’ advisors. Senator Patreus agreed to step in on Brennus' and Emperor's Grace behalf to establish Rishair and surrounding systems as a military preparation site, legally suspending any rights to protest within the militarized zone.

Although there have been many complaints from the dislodged activists, there has been no comment from Princess Aisling Duval or her staff. Some have commented that this is not surprising given her public relationship with Patreus.

Raf von Thorn

Emperors Grace.