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Candidates for Alliance Presidency Announced

14 SEP 3304

The candidates in the Alliance presidential election have been announced.

Political journalist Vanya Driscoll shared the news in The Alliance Tribune:

“The candidates running against President Gibson Kincaid, who is seeking a second term, have now launched their campaigns.”

“Fazia Silva is a successful entrepreneur from the Vamm system. Although lacking political experience, she intends to leverage her business acumen to increase trade and boost economies throughout the Alliance. She has delegated control of her corporate empire to her sister, freeing her to run for office.”

“Elijah Beck, by contrast, is a highly experienced politician. Hailing from the Leesti system, he has served in the Assembly for over four decades. He is generally considered a safe pair of hands, but it’s unlikely that he would bring about any significant changes as president.”

“Recent polls suggest that Kincaid, Silva and Beck are roughly equal in terms of popular support, but it’s still early days. All three will vigorously campaign for support in the coming weeks, in advance of the public vote on Tuesday the 16th of October.”

Investors Abandon Herculean Machines

14 SEP 3304

An anonymous source has revealed that Maddox Hurd, owner of technology company Herculean Machines, was previously investigated by the Federal Security Service.

The source shared recently declassified FSS records on the Rewired news channel, and stated:

“When establishing Herculean five years ago, Maddox Hurd accepted financial contributions from individuals connected to organised-crime networks, such as the Red Family. While Hurd did not technically break the law, the FSS has kept a close eye on him ever since.”

In the wake of this news, a number of Herculean Machines’ corporate investors withdrew their support. Maddox Hurd told the media:

“This is a smear campaign, and those underhanded snakes at Supratech are behind it!”

Scorpio DeVorrow, CEO of rival company Supratech, declined to comment, but Harlow Nassry, technology journalist at The Federal Times, observed:

“With Herculean Machines losing investment and Supratech’s facility destroyed, both companies are in a compromised position. Unless they can drum up additional support, neither will be able to unveil their new designs at the Rackham Ultratech Expo in October.”