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Unrest on the Frontier

14 MAY 3301

New reports from the frontier suggest that a horde of militant nomads is currently sweeping their way through the Pegasi Sector. The group, who call themselves the Kumo Crew, are led by the vicious Warlord Archon Delaine.

A talented tactician, and a brutal fighter, Archon famously assumed leadership of the Kumo Crew at the tender age of 15 after violently beating the previous leader to death during a clan moot.

So far, the Kumo Crew have shown no interest in taking direct control over any of the regions they’ve plundered. Instead, they’ve taken to sending regular raiding parties to collect tithes on behalf of the Crew. Systems who agree to their demands are spared, while those who refuse are burnt to the ground.

All attempts to stop the spread of the crew throughout the Pegasi Sector have so far met with failure. The Kumo Crew are described as being well armed, psychotic and thus extremely dangerous.