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Memorial in the Heavens

06 SEP 3301

Memorial in the Heavens

Commander Sataris, a member of the East India Company, was recently honoured by an anonymous benefactor. To commemorate his mother’s recent passing, the rights to register a planet in her name were purchased from Universal Cartography.

Cynthia Sideris, chairwoman of Universal Cartography, read a statement from the anonymous benefactor:

“Commander Sataris has served with distinction, valour and honour in all his duties, regardless of the circumstances. In honour of his late mother, rights have been purchased to rechristen a world in the BD+26 2184 system as ‘Kathy McBrayer’. Any mother capable of rearing a son like Sataris is well deserving of such a memorial. Kathy is an example to us all.”

Commander Sataris responded by saying: "I invite all members of the Pilots Federation to visit the memorial planet Kathy McBrayer in BD+26 2184.”

Chairwoman Sideris said that Universal Cartography will finalize the change to the planet’s name in the coming weeks.

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