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Ships Destroyed by the League of Reparation

02 JUN 3304

The Pilots Federation has reported that five independent ships have been attacked by terrorist organisation the League of Reparation, with the loss of all crewmembers.

No details have been released regarding specific names or locations, except that three of the ships were attacked in Alliance-controlled systems, one in a Federal system and one in Imperial space.

The Pilots Federation also confirmed that the message ‘FOR JAMESON’ had been etched by laser beam into drifting hull fragments from all five ships.

Captain Niamh Seutonia, a member of the tri-power taskforce investigating the League, released this statement:

“We are treating these incidents as terrorist actions by the League of Reparation, targeted against people with ancestral connections to the INRA. Analysts have been despatched to all five locations.”

“Meanwhile, we have determined that League agents receive their orders via multi-relayed, encrypted comms channels from a source using the codename ‘Nexus’. This suggests a central point of coordination, rather than autonomous cells. Whether Nexus is an individual, a group, or a faction is not yet known.”

“We are aware that citizens throughout the Alliance, Empire and Federation are alarmed by these horrific attacks. We assure you that the taskforce is working hard to discover more about this group and eliminate it. In the meantime, we ask everyone to remain vigilant and to report any relevant information to local authorities.”