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The Commanders Update 2.3 will be going live today! The Elite Dangerous servers will be unavailable from around 9.30am BST until the new updates are live.

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Follow our step-by-step guide to help you get started in the Elite Dangerous galaxy

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[18+] [ENG] - VR Oculus - Sovereignty

282 Viewers


[PS4 PRO] / ok...so i like this game. it's alright. not really into sims but i don't regret buying this.

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[ES] Exploración del universo y Thargoides | !loots !subgratis !sorteo - Twitter @DopeyFeres

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PS4 Pro | PvP-PvE o7 Willkommen Piloten | Neues !shirt | !gamescom | !alex !multi | !prime !loots

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[18+] ᴴᴰ Elite Dangerous (PC) | 2.3.10 Update/Strange Worlds/Happy PS4 launch day | Come Join the G-Nation

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[18+] [ENG] [PA] Tanky healing Cutter BH in PA home system

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