Patch Notes

Powerplay Beta 8

Powerplay Beta 8 contains the following changes:
-Fixed a crash with trade vouchers, this change should fix a similar crash with bounty vouchers
-Avoid crashing if we try to open the system map before the system request has completed
-Don't crash if the missions file we've loaded hasn't got an archetype specified

Powerplay Beta 7

Powerplay Beta 7 contains the following changes:
- Fix for collector limpets expiring prematurely
- Fix for Smuggle and Delivery missions awarding 0 credits for missions within the same system
- Fix for error when plotting routes in galaxy map

Powerplay Beta 6

Powerplay Beta 6 contains the following changes:
-NPC messengers no longer spawn too close to the player
-Fix for AI docking and docking computer
-Fix for Courier engine trails not shutting off when they are suppose to

Powerplay Beta 5

Powerplay Beta 5 contains the following changes:
- Fix cases where RouteGeometryInstance could crash if locking the instance buffer fails (OSX specific)
- Fix for when glGenBuffers() fails (OSX specific)
- Fix for occasional crash when in the Galaxy map and using the Powerplay view

Powerplay Beta 3

Powerplay Beta 3 contains the following changes:
- Crash fix for drones having destroyed parent ships
- Fix some ship loadouts causing crashes
- Don't fire beams if a ship is not ready to prevent a crash

Elite Dangerous 1.2.07

Elite Dangerous Wings 1.02.07 contains the following changes:
- Added vibrant paint jobs for all ships except Anaconda (available for purchase from the store soon)
- Crash fix for star system generation
- Treat capital ships like players for assigning kills

Elite Dangerous 1.2.06

Elite Dangerous Wings 1.02.05 contains the following changes:
- Stability fixes for wing invites in cases where invites get through but only exist for a second
- Stability fix for low level thread deadlock
- Crash fix and better error handling for TrackIR

Elite Dangerous 1.2.05

Elite Dangerous Wings 1.2.05 contains the following changes:
- Fix crash when sending a wing invite
- Fix issue with starports being too far in deep space from their parent body
- Increase hardware detection timeout to prevent crash on start