Patch Notes

Elite Dangerous 1.3.07

The update contains the following changes:
- Fix for discovering and scanning new stellar bodies not always showing up on system map
- Fixed Hudson’s outfitting discount benefit
- Fixed cases where player received rank up message, but rank stayed the same

Elite Dangerous 1.3.03

This update applies the following updates and fixes to the Elite Dangerous Client:

- Updated the CC balances displayed for each power (Note that this includes the overhead for number of systems that are controlled or exploited by that power - this is being added in a client update next week)
- Significant performance improvement to the exploration servers

Elite Dangerous 1.3.01

The following changes were implemented in Elite Dangerous 1.3.01:
- Fix soft lock loading system map
- Fix for route plotting: route isn't cleared anymore each time a target is locked. Click to read more...
- Fix NAT handling for text chat

Server update (08/06/15)

The latest update contains the following changes:
-Better error handling for missing server resource to prevent crash
-Improved handling of cases where servers don’t provide full commander data
-Balance pass on commodity bonuses from Powers to prevent excessive stacking (TBC)