Elite Dangerous 1.3.02

New features/Updates

- Updated to Oculus SDK 0.5 



- Added custom decal slots to Courier 

- Various text fixes

- Added Power insurance discount information to death screen 

- Fix for resource extraction sites using repeating ships when spawning new ones

- Fix for the various intensities of RES locations. High, normal and low now mean high skill, medium skill and low skill, which they didn't before

- Tweaks to collector limpets behaviour; prevent them spinning in circles when trying to collect

- Fix for collector drone attempting to grab the same asteroid fragment repeatedly

- Reduce time it can take to enter Supercruise

- Tweak refuel costs when adding more fuel tanks to the ship

- Reduced the amount of wear damage taken from emergency super cruise drops

- Reduced the amount of wear damage taken when interdicted

- Fix for randomly losing rank 

- Players no longer receive a bounty if they ram a ship near a starport, and the starport kills the ship for another, unrelated offense

- Fix missing Russian glyphs

- Tweaks when using control pad to navigate Power Play screens

- Add ability to scroll cartographic data list with joystick or keyboard

- Fix for overlapping community goal on bulletin board