Elite Dangerous 1.3.01

List of changes that went in to 1.3.01:

Client Changes:


 - Fix soft lock loading system map

 - Fix for route plotting: route isn't cleared anymore each time a target is locked. Route is now cleared only when plotting a new route, reaching the end of the current route or when jumping in another system which is not the next destination on the current route

 - Fix NAT handling for text chat

 - Art tweaks for vibrant and tactical paint jobs

 - Fixed Hangar cameras for DiamonbackXL so the right camera is focusing on the appropriate place

 - Increase base repair cost for Diamondback Explorer as it was too low

 - Fixed miner loadout with missing mining laser

 - Updated Hitman Attacks AI archetype to be more aggressive

 - Altruism Missions Will now remove all cargo upon completion

 - Massacre Killcounts now update and display correctly across panels

 - Make the nearby faction station generator check for permits

 - Text fixes for branching massacre and assassination missions

 - Audio: enabling diamondback other soundbanks on mac

 - Fix HeatSinkLaunchers firing multiple heat sinks

 - Fix missing space in news item headers

 - Fix a bunch of UI text issues



Server Changes:


 - Fix rank benefits for reducing fines and bounties from committing crimes

 - Various performance and reliability improvements, including significant improvements for hyperspacing and exploration scanning

 - Fix some missing ships that should have been stocked by various powers

 - Commanders who cannot load back into the game after a certain type of Hyperspace failure should be automatically  rescued to the last system they safely docked in.

 - Fix faction influence levels when many factions experience significant influence drops in a given star system


To address problems from the above issue, all minor faction influence levels in all star systems have been reset back to their state just before the release of 1.3



For those Commanders affected by the problems with military ranks, their Federation and Empire progression has been restored to the state just before the release of 1.3