Elite Dangerous 1.3.05

Client change log:

  • Localization strings updated
  • Fixed various missing text strings
  • Commodity text fixes
  • Retain a discounted hull value when rebuying a ship after dying
  • Fixed 'back button' sound not always playing
  • Fixed Powerplay Scenario generation bugs
  • Fix for crash with drone authority transfer

Server change log:

  • Applied Senator Patreus' weapons discount to the Powerplay unique weapon modules
  • For very high faction reputations, changed decay to apply only to major factions instead of only minor factions
  • Remove some incorrect first discoveries with a zero credit bonus in certain cases when a body has already been discovered by another Commander
  • Fixed certain star systems' exploration data so they again display the first Commander who discovered a body
  • Fixed powerplay bonus trade profit vouchers not being displayed in the transactions panel in the cockpit

Mission fixes:

  • Fixed various mission text strings
  • Fixed slave delivery mission text
  • Assassination text/contract consistency fix
  • Fixed issue with substitution of NPC pilot names in mission strings
  • Fixed Elite missions having two rank requirements
  • Make permit missions require allied reputation
  • Founder and Elite missions are no longer restricted to Empire space
  • Make delivery missions remove correct amount of cargo
  • Balanced the chance of an NPC messenger spawning across relevant mission types
  • Handing in required cargo quantity completes Ranked Collect missions as expected
  • Fix to give correct rewards
  • Rewards updated for Elite/Founder Missions
  • Massacre Conflict target numbers now scale
  • Removed redundant TimeLeft element from Abandon Branch on ship panel ('0H 0M' left)

Mac specific:

  • Fix for crashes reported from 'StarTextureGenComponent::ReadVectorField()'