COMMS CHATTER (18/08/2015)

Greetings Commanders,

This week in Comms chatter we have cinemagraphs, racers, a stunning video showcasing the amazing sites and sounds of Elite Dangerous and a collection of some of the most beautiful screens we've ever seen. 

CMDR Maximilian.Y has been showing off some awesome Cinemagraphs. Check out his gallery here.

Making the racing in Elite... more Dangerous, we have Elite Racers. 

The group recently finished up season two of their races and will be starting on their next season soon. Click the link above to learn how you can get involved and join the community in their racing-themed discussion.

CMDR Lord Titus shared this glorious, 1080p, 60 FPS video of his Elite Exploration and travels around the galaxy.

Koki_v3 on Reddit posted what he described as 'the jackpot', with an image of an Earth-like planet with rings orbiting a neutron star. Every explorer's dream.

Over on, moikethesquid uploaded an image of their father playing Elite Dangerous... on a 60 inch, 4K TV! Lucky for some.

Speaking of hardware, check out our weekly ten this week detailing awesome to odd selection of rigs that fellow commanders have!