The Weekly 10: Amazing (or unusual) Elite Dangerous setups

Weekly 10 – Amazing (or unusual) Elite Dangerous setups

1 - This video speaks for itself. We’re envious of this brilliant three-screen setup.

2 – Good effort with three screens… but it’s not quite five screens turned on their side. That would probably look a little bit like this video from axiomone back in the days of the Elite Dangerous beta. 

3 –Davedon’tmind showed off his battlestation on Reddit, and we love it. Everything about the setup is clean, cool and efficient. The speakers on the shoulder mounts of the chair are a lovely finishing touch and will really take advantage of Elite’s incredible audio. 

4 – We’re not exactly sure where to start with RenderG’s custom-made controller, but it looks very cool indeed. See the forum link for more images of his repurposed HOTAS.

5 – Although Shucioh’s setup isn’t quite as elaborate as Render G’s, the added lighting and overall setup gives Shucioh’s play area some extra cool points. See more images of his custom controller here.

6 – This setup, as demonstrated by Reality Check VR, has got it all: Oculus Rift, the X52 Pro, the KORFX vest and a transducer chair. We’re not entirely sure how the last item works, but we can be sure that they’re just showing off.

7 – Dogfight Boss is living the dream with his immersive Simpit setup. 

8 – Another good example of a community-made custom controller from Sam Stanley.

9 – And now for something completely different. Simu Kit shows off a DIY dynamic chair. 

10 – We couldn’t end without giving this one from CoolerThanNos an honorable mention, at least for being a little bit out of the box - down, down-towards, towards and any Punch to fire rockets.


Have we missed any that would be on your list? Put your list and images or descriptions of your own Elite Dangerous setups in the forum thread here