The Dangerous Games: Wildcard Results

Greetings Commanders, 

For the past week player factions have been campaigning for your votes in the first stage of the Dangerous Games to decide which five groups will battle it out in a mini-series of CGs in their bid to become an official Power in the game. 

The results have been counted and checked and they are as follows (click the image to enlarge):

•EG Pilots - 25.5%

•Wolves of Jonai - 15.5%

•Adle's Armada Coalition - 15.3%

•Black Birds Squadron - 10.7%

•United German Commanders Coalition - 9%

•The Imperial Inquisition - 8.5%

•Achenar Immortals Coalition - 7.3%

•Planet Express - 3.6%

•Black Omega - 2.3%

•Pileus Libertas - 1.6%

•Battle Vortex - 0.7%

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for voting, and all of the groups for their amazing effort! We will have more news on the next phase of the games shortly where the qualified groups will be looking for your help to complete the Community Goals and help their campaign.