A New Official Elite Dangerous Novel Is Coming - Written By You!

We are very proud of the way you, our community, influence the unfolding of the galaxy’s narrative via the actions and choices of a massive number of individuals, acting together or alone.

A number of current threads of activity and story in the Elite Dangerous galaxy are about to kick into overdrive, and so we wanted to do something unique to celebrate the interesting times in which Commanders are living.

We are therefore very excited to announce that there will be a new official Elite Dangerous novel, penned by Drew Wagar. Drew authored Elite: Reclamation, one of the first set of Elite Dangerous novels, and has long been a close collaborator with Frontier, and we are delighted to be working with him on this project.

The book is called Elite Dangerous: Premonition, and we’re shooting for publication mid-2017.

But what’s so unique about another novel, we hear you ask?

Good question! For starters, we have of course given Drew a ‘behind the scenes’ look at what’s really going on in the galaxy, its background and what’s coming.

As he says in his blog: http://www.drewwagar.com/announcements/elite-dangerous-premonition/

All those disparate story-line threads you've seen: Halsey, Artefacts, Probes, Barnacles, Permit locks, The Rift, Imperial politics, Federal machinations, the secretiveness of the Alliance and those 'Shadowy Figures' - yes, they're all connected and this will explain how”.

What’s more, together Drew and Frontier are combining the literary medium’s advantages of detail, nuance and characterisation with the interactive brilliance of gaming – Drew is being closely involved in the creation of Community Goals during his writing process, the outcome of which are directly influencing the course of events in the game and therefore also his novel.

Your collective actions and choices over the next few months will not only direct what he writes, but the significant events that happen in this period and the Player groups, Powers and individual Commanders that enact them will be immortalised in print as part of the story.

It’s an exciting undertaking, which adds a complementary new dimension to our storytelling. We couldn’t do it without Drew and his relationship with Frontier, the technology behind the Elite Dangerous galaxy and most of all you - this incredible community of Commanders.

Drew promises “Premonition will be an expansive space operatic adventure with a mix of space battles, conflict, drama, tension and political shenanigans.”

We can’t wait!