Comms Chatter (07/01/16)

Welcome to 3302 commanders! It's a new year, but the same great Comms Chatter. This week, we've selected the best items sent to us, what we've found posted among the community, or things that simply caught our attention!

Over the holidays, resident sock meister /u/tfaddy had a little shipment come in from us here at Frontier. What could it be?!

CMDR Edgar Starwalker pinged us about an interesting feature in Elite

Dangerous: Horizons. Have a look at this planet, with a gulch that is prime for racing ships!


CMDR Solamore learned today that you can harvest materials from your ship from a planets surface! Check out their short imgur album here...


CMDR Paulo Becker posted to /r/EliteDangerous this week regarding Horizons... stating "Horizons was worth every penny". Take a look at a picture that they stitched together below! It's a big place out there, have you found your place in the stars?